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Where do I file a Petition for Name Change?

Answer: You should file the Petition for Name Change for the state of California, in the Superior Court of the County of your residence.

Whose Name May Be Changed?

Answer: The petition may be used to change one's own name and, under certain circumstances, the names of others (e.g., children under 18 years of age).

What Forms Are Required?

Answer: All the forms required for your Name Change are included in our Adult Name Change Kit.

What are the filing fees for Name Change in California?

Answer: The court fees for filing a petition for the name change in the state of California is $395.00, but other costs might occur such as publication fees.

Is publication required for my Name Change?

Answer: In most cases, a copy of the Order to Show Cause must be published in a local newspaper of general circulation once a week for at least four consecutive weeks before the date of the hearing. The newspaper used must file a Proof of Publication with the superior court before the hearing. If no newspaper of general circulation is published in the county, the court may order the Order to Show Cause to be posted by the clerk. But petitioners do not have to publish the order if they are participants in (1) the State Witness Program or (2) in the address confidentiality program and the petition alleges that they are (a) petitioning to avoid domestic violence, or (b) petitioning to avoid stalking, or (c) the petitioner is, or is filing on behalf of, a victim of sexual assault.

What if only one parent files the Petition for Minor Name Change?

Answer: The other parent must be served with the petition and Order to Show Cause or notice of the time and place of hearing 30 days before the hearing day either by personal service or service by mail (please see the instructions).